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Blue Cross Senior Dental  PPO Plan

Our New Senior Dental PPO Plan features affordable coverage for a wide range of dental procedures. And the freedom to choose any dentist!

Introducing the first Dental PPO Plan to be offered to individuals over 65 living in California!

Advantages with the New Blue Cross Senior Dental PPO Plan:

  • Freedom to choose any dentist
  • 100% coverage for preventative and diagnostic care
    (immediate coverage)
  • Coverage for basic services such as fillings and extractions
  • Coverage for major services such as crowns, dentures and root canals
  • Nearly 11,000 PPO dental providers, one of the largest dental networks in California
  • Top quality customer service (rated Best- in- Class in a 2000 NADP Industry Standard survey)

The Participating Plan network is large, and your current dentist may already be part of the network. So be sure to check before you choose a dentist. It could save you money.

The Blue Cross Senior PPO Dental Plan, administered by BC Life & Health Insurance Company, offers you the freedom to choose any dentist you wish. However, if you select a participating dentist from our network, you can take advantage of additional savings lowering your out- of- pocket costs with the BC Life & Health negotiated fees.

Blue Cross Senior Dental PPO Plan Benefit Summary
Preventative/Diagnostic Services
100% Coverage 
Refer to Benefit Schedule
Monthly Premium

$30 per person
(Area 1, 2 & 3 - No. California)
$35 per person
(Area 4, 5 & 6 - So. California)

Annual Deductible* 
$50 per person
Annual Maximum Benefit
Basic services (examples include: fillings & extractions)** 
3 month waiting period
Major services (examples include: crowns, dentures & root canals)**
12 month waiting period 
To determine your rating area please refer to the Blue Cross Senior Dental PPO brochure.
* Annual deductible is waived for preventative/ diagnostic services when rendered by an in- network dentist.
** Please refer to the Benefit Schedules shown in the Dental PPO brochure.