Blue Cross MedCall

Instant health care information by phone from our Registered Nurses
As part of our health plan services, Blue Cross of California provides medical information by phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through Blue Cross MedCall. When you need medical resources or are unsure whether to call your doctor, call MedCall. Nurses on this toll-free telephone hotline will talk confidentially with you about:

  • Your symptoms
  • Medications and side effects
  • Reliable self-care home treatments
  • Self-help and support groups
  • When to go to your doctor
  • When to go to the emergency room
  • Local physician and hospital resources
  • Wellness information

MedCall nurses will even call you back to see how you are feeling and suggest further action if necessary.

Health problems can occur any time of the day or night.  The MedCall hotline is designed to give you information to help you with health care decision making.

MedCall Nurses
  • Have years of hands-on clinical experience
  • Consult as necessary with staff physicians on call 24 hours a day
  • Are supported by a medical information system based on current medical literature and physician reviews

Call anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

MedCall is not an emergency response system.  In a medical emergency, call 911 or your local emergency service number.

The Audio Library

MedCall also offers an Audio Library of recorded information to:

  • Help keep you physically and mentally fit
  • Help you recognize early signs of illness
  • Help you adjust to health problems

MedCall provides over 200 taped messages concerning illness, treatments, drugs and medical tests and procedures. The 3-5 minute messages are continually updated, and new topics are added to the library often.

How to Use Blue Cross MedCall
  • Call the MedCall number listed on your ID card if you are an Individual,  Small Group or Senior Secure member.
  • For a MedCall Nurse Press 1 or
  • For the Audio Library Press 2, then enter tape number
To Use The Audio Library:
  • Dial the toll-free number and press 2.
  • Enter the number of the tape you would like to hear.
  • If you would like to repeat the message or request another selection, press any tape number during or after a message.
  • If you do not have a touch-tome phone, or do not know the number of the message  you would like to hear, please stay on the line and an operator will assist you.
  • If you would like to speak with a nurse, press 0 at any time.
Popular Audio Library Topics
1616 Acyclovir for Herpes
1634 AIDS Symptoms & Diagnosis
1560 Anorexia & Bulimia
1568 Back Pain
1120 Breast Self-Examination
1123 Cancer of the Colon & Rectum
1129 Cancer of the Skin
1740 Cancer's 7 Warning Signs
1683 Chlamydia
1182 Constipation a Problem?
1297 Contraception - It's Your Choice
1489 Could I be Pregnant?
1743 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
1410 Depression
1117 Diabetes & Heart Disease
1112 Diet & Heart Disease
1569 Diverticulosis/
1624 Endometriosis
1686 Fetal Alcohol Effects
1108 High Blood Pressure
1700 HIV Antibody Test
1339 Kidney Stones
1373 Losing Your Cool with Your Child?
1292 Low Cholesterol Diet
1409 Measles in Children
1653 Memory Loss in Aging
1194 Menopause - Questions & Answers
1384 Nutrition During Pregnancy
1102 Obesity
1283 Peptic Ulcers
1729 Postpartum Depression
1488 Shingles
1505 Sinusitis
1439 Spotting a Drinking Problem
1486 Stress Management
1065 Thinking about Vasectomy?
1128 Tips to Help You Quite Smoking
1080 Understanding a Heart Attack
1193 Unwanted Pregnancy?
1276 Vaginal Infections
1148 Venereal Warts
1361 What is Arthritis
1158 What Shots Should My Children Have?
1228 Who Needs Acne?
1272 Women &Urinary tract Infections

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