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New feature for members who have been enrolled on a Individual Plan for six(6) months or longer! You can now explore your coverage options and/or request a change to your Blue Cross Individual coverage online (for all currently enrolled family members). Click below to get started.

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Where is my Member Number?
Your Member Number is located on your ID Card and is usually the last nine digits of a twelve digit number. Refer to the sample insurance cards below (your card may vary).

Groups of 51 or more example

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Members with active coverage can access online member services by requesting a Personal Identification
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If you already have a PIN assigned and have forgotten it, please enter your Member Number and a new PIN will be mailed to you in seven business days.

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You may not see the Security lock on your browser, but rest assured, the information you send us is secure. When you enter your information and press the "Submit" button, your browser first will communicate with our server to establish a secured, encrypted connection. This is sometimes referred to as a "handshake." Once this connection is established, the data is then sent via secure means to our web server. We use 128-bit encryption, the highest encryption available to most browsers, with a public key length of 1,024 bits. This provides the necessary security and privacy our Members expect.
What is a PIN?
Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is an added layer of security developed by Blue Cross of California to assure that only you have access to your confidential health information.
Do I need a PIN?

Yes, you will need a PIN to gain access to the site. If you do not have a PIN, click here to request a PIN.

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