Blue Cross Senior SecureSM
Medicare Advantage HMO
The Plan that Really Cares for You

Blue Cross Senior SecureSM is an HMO with a Medicare Advantage (formerly known as Medicare+Choice) contract that provides broad coverage for medically necessary hospital and doctor services with low or no monthly plan premium, low doctor office visit copayments, and coverage for vision, hearing, dental, routine podiatry and a brand and generic prescription drug benefit*. Simply stated, Blue Cross Senior Secure features all of the health coverage services offered by Medicare, plus some extra services Medicare does not offer.

Limits and copays apply and vary by plan. Prescription drug benefit includes only those generic, preferred brand and brand drugs on the Blue Cross Senior Secure formulary. The formulary is subject to change within a contract year without advance notice. Please refer to the Summary of Benefits section for a list of the available service areas and for more detailed information on monthly plan premiums, benefits, services and applicable co-payments.

All members must use Blue Cross Senior Secure participating plan providers, except for Emergency or Urgently Needed Services, renal (kidney) dialysis services that a member gets when temporarily outside the plan's service area, or for services received through the Choices Plus Self-Referral Benefit.

To learn more about Blue Cross Senior Secure, contact Blue Cross of California or your authorized Blue Cross of California Agent.

*Not available on all plans.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with Blue Cross Senior Secure, you have the option to convert to either the Blue Cross Senior SELECTSM, Blue Cross ClaimFree® Standard Plan Aor Blue Cross ClaimFree® Standard Plan A- Pre-65 Medicare supplement plan without underwriting. Or, if you wish, you may disenroll entirely.

Who Can Enroll

Blue Cross Senior Secure is available to individuals enrolled in both Parts A and B of Medicare, including those under age 65 entitled to Medicare on the basis of Social Security Disability Benefits. If you have End Stage Renal Disease, you are not eligible to join Blue Cross Senior Secure unless you were a member of any commercial Blue Cross of California health plan at the time of diagnosis with no lapse in coverage.

Blue Cross Senior Secure Members must maintain Part A of Medicare and must continue to pay their Medicare Part B premiums. If you do not have Medicare Part A, you may purchase Part A coverage through the Social Security Administration.

Blue Cross Senior Secure is a member of the CaliforniaCare family of HMO plans.